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Titanic's gift chapter 3
        Titanic slept fitfully that night. She was having nightmares about Lusitania's taunts and bullying again, and she awoke in the middle of the night with a tear stained face. She wept silently as she looked down at the water.
           Her designer, Thomas Andrews, happened to be there making some checks to her design. He looked behind him to see Titanic sobbing pitifully and quickly ran to her side. "Titanic what is wrong?" He asked gently as he stroked her hull.
           Titanic blinked back another fresh wave of tears. "Thomas Andrews what if Lusitania is right?" She cried. "What if I really am useless? What if I'm not a real ship because I like music?!" She burst into sobs again.
           Andrews rubbed her hull. "Titanic, let me tell you something." He said gently. "There is nothing wrong with you just because you are different from the other ships. It is just w
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Titanic's gift chapter 2
    The next day, Titanic woke up to find Olympic was being cast off. " Olympic where are you going?" She asked alarmed. "I have to go back out again, Titanic." Olympic said softly. Titanic looked down. "Oh..." She whispered. "Why is something wrong?" Olympic asked. Titanic quickly put on her best smile. "Oh no nothing's wrong!!" She quickly exclaimed. "Well, then I hope to see you again. Godspeed, Titanic." Olympic replied as the tugs pulled her out of the harbor. "Godspeed..." Titanic whispered as her sister faded from sight.
    "Oh why oh why did sister Olympic have to leave today?" Titanic said to herself miserably. For today was the day that Lusitania was coming in for her annual maintainence. And the worst part of it was that Lusitania had been practically a nightmare.
     Lusitania was the pride of the Cunard line, White Star Line's rival. She was very elegant, classy, and outgoing, but she was very bossy and rude to her rival ships. One of h
:iconenterprise4life:Enterprise4life 9 7
Titanic's gift epilogue
      Titanic was gone. But no matter, her legacy still lived on in the other ships.  They began to sing as their ancestors had, and elements of music found their way back into their traditions. They sang for good luck, they sang for everything. Every April 14th, they sang nearer my god to thee for the one who had taught them to appreciate music.
      While all ships sang it with emotion and thought, it was the ocean liners that sang it even more beautifully than the rest. Tears trickled down their bows as the notes echoed from their mouths. It was noticed that as Olympic and Mauretania were towed off to the scrappers, they were singing Titanic's favorite song. Lusitania was said to have sung it as she was sinking in the Atlantic. And numerous others, including ships from the French and American lines sung it too.
      The years wore on, and even when the age of ocean liners ended, the remaining ones carried on the traditions. and it
:iconenterprise4life:Enterprise4life 6 19
Titanic's gift chapter 6
April 16th, 1912, Southampton
       The air was filled with a heavy sadness as the ships of White Star Line gathered around for the coming service. Not one was smiling, a sharp contrast to what had happened a few days ago.
        On the morning of the day before, Titanic, young and brand new and on her maiden voyage, had struck an iceberg en route to New York. She had sunk in less than two hours and over two thousand people had perished on board her. The ships were shocked that such a wonderful ship could have met such a terrible end.
          Olympic was off alone. She was sobbing silently to herself, far off from the others. Her sister, her kind, sweet sister that she had looked forward to witness having a happy life with, was gone, meeting her death far too young.
          It wasn't fair! Titanic didn't deserve to die this way! After all she'd done for her kind, the great lord
:iconenterprise4life:Enterprise4life 7 9
Titanic's gift chapter 5
       Titanic excitedly flicked at her mooring lines as she smiled at the passengers boarding her. She was in Southampton, England, and she was finally ready for her maiden voyage! She was feeling very confident about it, and she was humming a tune under her breath.
       Thomas Andrews appeared at her bow railing. "How are you feeling today, Titanic?" He asked. "Are you nervous." Titanic giggled. "I'm excited!" She exclaimed. Thomas Andrews smiled. Every ship loved to go on their maiden voyage. It was almost always the highlights of their lives. Plus, something special was waiting for Titanic...
        At last, all the passengers and items were on board and Titanic was ready to set sail. As the tugboats passed her, one gave a smile, and suddenly every ship was turning to her. The RMS Oceanic was the first to speak. "Dear Titanic." She declared. "We have heard of your wonderous gift to the world, and we have loved it. As a tribute to this marvelous treasure you have brought us, we n
:iconenterprise4life:Enterprise4life 11 14
Titanic's gift chapter 1
       The sun went down on the Irish town of Belfast, and all over people were settling in for the night. Dock workers went home, and lights were turned off.
         Newly launched and smelling of newness, the RMS Titanic was sitting in her dock as she had been getting refurbished for her maiden voyage. Beside her was her almost- identical fraternal twin sister, the RMS Olympic. Olympic had ready finished her maiden voyage and was on regular transatlantic crossings. But she'd recently been injured in an accident with the HMS Hawke, and had to return go Belfast for repairs. Some of Titanic's parts had to go to Olympic, thus delaying the younger's maiden voyage.
         Titanic looked up at the stars. "Olympic, what are the stars?" She asked absentmindedly. Olympic smiled. "Nobody really knows, sister." She answered. "But I like to think of the stars as doorways." "Doorways to what, sister?" Titanic asked. "Doorways to our destiny." Olympic answered. Titanic frowned in confusion. "Wha
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Surya Dwi Saputra
Live in Klaten, central Java, Indonesia. interest in digital arts and traditional art few years ago.


CC 201 (GEU18C)
One of my favorite lokomotive in Indonesia. Build by GE between 1976 - 1992. Has 1.920 horse power. sorry for the fault in some parts. Used photoshop at first time, then brought it to corel. Hope you all enjoyed. :D (Big Grin) :happybounce: 


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